Grimwater is a musical project from Finland that combines medieval and celtic-style melodies and game / film-score soundscapes. The project was formed in the beginning of 2010’s by an independent musician Timo Pääkkönen who is also a self-taught composer and songwriter. 

Grimwater's music combines medieval themes and strong Irish and celtic-style melodies into game and film-score style soundscapes. Inspirations and influences to Grimwater's music come from many sources like mythologies, history, science fiction, fantasy literature and many other things. Timo composes and produces Grimwater's music using computer softwares and a collected set of virtual-instruments. In the earlier stage he published some songs one by one but then decided to publish his music by releasing whole albums. 


From this playlist you can listen to a few selected Grimwater songs. You can find more music by visiting Grimwater's Soundcloud website and listening to entire albums at Bandcamp or Spotify. Feel free to share if you like!



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licensing and contact

Grimwater's music is NOT licensed under any Creative Commons license, although it can be listen for free. If you want to use music in commercial purposes, you must first request permission. 

Please contact directly to grimwaterband(at)gmail.com  if you have any questions about Grimwater's music.


Cakewalk Sonar 8.5 
Peter Siedlaczek Complete Orchestral Collection 
Eduardo Tarilonte ERA II Medieval Legends 
Eduardo Tarilonte Dark ERA
Eduardo Tarilonte Mystica 
SoundIron Apocalypse Elements 
SoundIron Olympus Elements 
SoundIron Mercury Choir
Toontrack Superior Drummer 2 
Eastwest Hollywood Strings Gold